A workshop entitled “Designing my e-book” was held within the “Itqan” program accompanying the activities of Doha International Book Fair in its thirty-second edition at Doha Exhibition and Conference Center under the slogan “By Reading, We Rise”.

The workshop was presented by Ms. Latifa Dasmal Al-Kuwari, the certified trainer from the Itqan Program for Training Qatari Trainers, during which she discussed the importance of the e-book and the necessity of preserving and supporting it.

In this context, Ms. Latifa talked about the advantages of this type of publication, and how it reached the stage of being an alternative to the paper book, and enumerated the reasons for that, as she mentioned that the ease of access to it enabled it to achieve spread, and that it represented a great benefit for people with disabilities, which contributed to increasing its spread.

She said that the steps for designing the e-book in terms of choosing programs are appropriate for each book according to its type, and begin with developing its own printing plan, and determining the number of pages to be written on a daily basis, so that after that the pages and content will be coordinated, taking into account the colors.

In addition, she drew attention to the importance of the first review by the author himself, then the review by a professional editor, the registration of the book in intellectual property rights, and the selection of the cover to be expressive and able to attract the attention of book owners, taking into account the format of the pages.

Ms. Latifa touched on the need to pay attention to the importance of the digital book and not to be afraid of it and think that it has come to undermine its paper counterpart, mentioning that the two books have the same value, but each book has its readers.

Besides, she explained that the digital version is the cheapest, fastest and least expensive, confirming that the e-book is able to expand the scope of the book and publish books in society.