Within the series of virtual workshops offered by the Qatari Forum for Authors, Dr. Ihab Al-Qastawi – the Egyptian writer specializing in children’s literature, director of the ALECSO Chair in the Service of Childhood at the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization – held a workshop, entitled: “The Impact of Linguistic Skills on Children’s Behavior,” during which he confirmed that the child acquires from his first core, which is “ “The Family,” what might be called the linguistic inventory, whether that inventory is expressive or receptive, and here I am talking about the first five years of a child’s life, that important stage in which that linguistic inventory is built, with the symbolic connotations it carries within it stemming from A heritage storehouse in which experiences and experiences in all their diversity are accumulated, from which goals, values, and traditions emerge. It is manifested in proverbs, popular chants, songs, and poems, before entering the kindergarten stage, which is the basic stage in the child’s development.