The Qatari Center Of Social Cultural For The Deaf (QCSCD) organized a workshop on short story writing hosted by the writer Jamal Fayez. The workshop was characterized by the attractiveness of the literary presentation through the writer’s various cultural glimpses related to the definition of the importance of the role of literary works in societies, locally, regionally and globally. The sign language expert and trainer at the center, Ms. Aisha Jarrar, translated the cultural meeting into sign language. At the beginning of the meeting, Jamal Adawi, the center’s program coordinator, presented the writer Jamal Fayez to the audience, highlighting the most important landmarks of his literary experience, pointing to the important works he accomplished in the field of writing short stories and novels, as his writings were translated into many languages, his writings on the story and the novel have formed the focus of university studies, in master’s and doctoral degrees, in addition to winning many prestigious international awards.