The Qatari Authors’ Forum (QFFD) announced the launch of a series of activities and initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to the continuation of some previous activities throughout the month.

The forum presents daily messages to the fasting people that discuss what goes on in the same fasting and what they are doing. Messages that serve as an alarm to maximize the benefits of the holy days and reduce the diaspora are prepared and presented by Mohammed Al-Shabrawi, a journalist, and broadcast daily on social media platforms

Meanwhile and every Sunday, the Literature Initiative will continue with a distinctive Ramadan character presented by journalist and writer Dr. Abdullah Al-Marzouki.

An initiative titled “A Visitor to the Heritage of Literature” will be held every Monday in the form of workshops to introduce the mothers of folkloric books abandoned by young people. The workshops is delivered by writer Hamad Al-Tamimi, director of youth programs, and will be presented by a group of researchers. The initiative aims to revive Arab literary heritage.

Every Monday, there will also be a “Write” event hosted by Mr. Saleh Gharib to discuss their publications and highlight their cultural achievements. The meeting with “Maria Fernanda del Rio” will be renewed every Wednesday in a program to get to know a writer from Qatar with Maria, who will review the success of the most important Qatari writers and intellectuals.

Every Thursday, Qatar Scholars Initiative will be presented, an initiative that highlights the translation, history and life of Qatari scientists who play a major role in educating society about advocacy.  The article was prepared by Dr. Sultan bin Awad Dariah, lecturer, speaker and Islamic preacher based on several religious and historical references.