The Qatari Cultural and Social Center for the Deaf (QCSCD) announced the details of the summer program for this year, most of the program is conducted (online), in line with the precautionary procedures applied by the state.
Moza Al Mansouri, Secretary General of the Center, said that the summer programs involve many sporting, entertainment and educational activities, including:
An activity for youth, that is considered a profession and a hobby at the same time, which is performed and introduced by a group of creative deaf youth who have special hobbies that they developed and transformed into a profession such as:
Muhammad Fadli: photography is his hobby that he liked and developed, now he works as a photographer at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Also, thetr is the retired Al-Sadd player: Abdullah Talib Al-Dini, who practiced sports from an early age especially volleyball, until he became a well-known player at Al-Sadd Club, but due to his age, he is now retired. He will narrate his life story through a short documentary film.
Muammar Al-Yazidi, who is also a retired player of the national football team.
This is part of the program for youth, which will be presented online every Tuesday during July 2020.
On the other hand, Saeed Al-Marri, Vice Chairman, also a young man, revealed his ambition to complete his studies and obtain a university degree. He applied and sought to reach his dreams. Now, he is waiting for his dream to come true and he wishes the same for all deaf people in Qatar. Currently, he works in the Ministry of Interior and is satisfied in his job and supports young people in showing their creativity and practicing their hobbies in serving their country, Qatar.
With regard to girls, QCSCD has prepared several crative activities for them to enhance their skills as well as cooking activities. A group of deaf girls were selected to make videos filming their activities or cooking in their kitchens and in their homes. These videos were streamed online. In addition, every Sunday in July, the girls surprise us with their skills and talents.
“We have a program of partnerships with other Centers such as the Barzan Center, Al-Marri added,  to prepare competitions that lasted for a whole month, in which a set of questions were presented and the deaf people answered, then we contacted the Barzan Center for the answers in four competitions in a row.  Winners are chosen online at the end of the competition.

On the other hand, Chairman of the Center, Abdullah Al-Mulla said: there will be a religious topic chosen by the deaf preacher Taher Talib each Friday at nine p.m.. In addition, he will prepare different subjects and religious advise for the deaf people, on matters of interest to them. We tried to choose a deaf preacher to connect easily with deaf people, thus the information reaches directly to their minds and hearts without a translator.
Al-Mulla added that there is a cooperation with a number of owners of social media pages who care for people with disabilities.
The translators of the center, Aisha Abdul Qadir and Maysam Badr, explained that we have prepared and presented a simple sign language course online of only three episodes in Ramadan to introduce this world. Also, the creative deaf, Maysa Al-Saadi, who is a member of the Deaf Center, prepared traditional competitions for the deaf people. There is a visual cultural sports awareness program as well. In addition, the deaf preacher Taher Talib presented a religious program in Ramadan, along with the programs and Ramadan competition. Besides, on Eid al-Fitr there are religious, popular, cultural and traditional congratulation messages, especially for the Qatari people.
We still have a lot to offer, and we also contacted the Plastic artist, Hessa Al-Muraikhi, and interviewed Ms. Amal Amin, who came to the Deaf Center to discuss the presentation of programs in Darb Al-Saai, on behalf of artist Hessa Al-Muraikhi. We shall not talk about these programs till surprising everyone. There will also be a sign language course, and after the end of the epidemic, there will be special materials and universal sign language courses for children, and it will be provided by one of the deaf who is proficient in international sign language.
We also play daily educational videos on various topics, and Khaled Abdullah is responsible for editing and scripting all the videos.
The center participated also in the World Drug Prevention Week, as there is joint cooperation with the Ministry of Interior to combat drugs. The Ministry of Culture and Sports’ plan for the World Drug Day was applied for a week, and videos were posted with subtitles in the unified Arabic sign language.