A symposium entitled (The Voice of the Sea) was held on the main stage of Doha International Book Fair, in which Faisal Al-Tamimi, a researcher in the musical heritage, and the artist Mansour Al-Muhannadi participated, and it was moderated by Atta Mohammad.

During the symposium, Al-Tamimi touched on the art of (Al-Nahma), which is one of the arts related to the sea, and said that it has reached universality, through the great influence it creates among the Western audience, due to sound and musical performance.

During his speech, he discussed some marine arts, such as Al-Fajri and Al-Adsani, and said that: The song usually documents the history of any society, which makes it the main reference and the true expression of feelings, indicating that Al-Niham may have several functions, all of which contribute to moving those on the boat. Therefore, the role of Al-Nahham is not limited to performing the art of Al-Nahma only, in addition to the fact that Al-Nahham has qualities and characteristics, including high vocal performance, to make his voice reach as much as possible to those who are with him on the boat.

For his part, the artist Mansour Al-Mohannadi evoked the global presence of the art of Al-Nahma, and his participation as a Qatari theater show in Paris, in addition to his choice to participate in a play by the artist Hamad Al-Rumaihi.

He stressed that the art of greed greatly affects everyone, even those who do not understand the words of this art, as the performance has a great impact, in addition to the music and the accompanying rhythm.