The Ministry of Culture organized a symposium entitled “The Melting of Civilizations” as part of the activities of the 32nd Doha International Book Fair, which is currently being held under the slogan “By reading, we rise.”

The symposium was moderated by Dr. Youssef Ashir, a university professor and program presenter, during which Dr. Jassim Al-Jazzaa, an academic researcher in management, spoke about the problem of dissolution in other civilizations and how to protect ourselves from it. During his speech, the researcher indicated the need to adhere to our Arab, religious, moral and heritage values, and to take science and technology and everything that is appropriate for our societies from other civilizations, and leaving what does not suit us. In addition, he gave several examples of the melting of the young generation and children in Western civilizations, which he described as a dangerous matter, especially their admiration for their thought, literature, and language, and abandoning what corresponds to it in Islamic civilization, pointing to the need to strengthen the sciences Human and social in the Arab Islamic countries for the ability to build strong, cohesive societies that adhere to their heritage and values, referring to the issue of scholarships and how young people go to the West and dissolve in its culture and thought, especially scholarship students who study the humanities, and he considered that scientific people may be less burdensome, and he explained by saying that:

There is no problem with scholarships in scientific fields, but the problem lies in the humanities that we rely on to build our nation. Nations and civilizations are based on humanities and social sciences.

The researcher called for a radical solution to limit the West’s unjust control and influence over the capabilities, politics, ideology, and morals of our countries, and the need to work hard to liberate individuals in general and young people of both sexes in particular from the intellectual power of the West, and its doctrinal and moral invasion that destroys the nation’s capabilities and talents, through a group of the means. Besides, he said that: There are two pillars, the first of which is the research in the human commonalities between me and the other, such as science, literature, novel, industries, and it is possible to benefit from it without fear.

As for the second pillar, how do I protect my privacy in religion, ideas, customs and traditions? Here, the researcher called for promoting the good ideas and sciences that can be derived from the other, and refuting the bad or everything that does not fit with the values ​​of our societies. He demanded that we have self-awareness and an internal awareness of who we are as Arabs, and as Muslims, as races and genders, and he said that: self-awareness leads us to know what we want and what we are looking for, just as knowing who the other is useful in knowing how they think and what they want from us. The researcher Dr. Jassim Al-Jazza’ concluded his lecture by stressing on knowing the optimal method to link and find the proper bridges with the other civilization so that we take from it what we want without melting with it.