Participants in “Qatar 2022 World Cup Symposium… Legacy of Writing and Creativity Projects” within the activities of the main stage at the 32nd Doha International Book Fair confirmed that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stimulated the passion of writers and authors around the world to issue creative works documenting the stages of organizing the tournament and its most prominent sports stations, and cultural inside and outside the green rectangle.

The writer and journalist Maan Al-Bayari participated in the symposium, Mrs. Amal Al-Qahtani, the Executive Director of Katara Publishing House, and sports commentator Ali Mohammad Ali, and the media symposium was moderated by Majid Al-Mansouri.

At the beginning, the writer and journalist Maan Al-Bayari spoke about his book, “The Magic of Football. Writers from East and West talk about passion for the most joyful game,” indicating that football is not just a game, but rather a cultural and civilized act in a broader sense, and it is a football competition that has values ​​and carries cultural, humanitarian and civilized implications.

He added by saying that this spirit and the cultural relationship established between the peoples who gathered in the State of Qatar on the occasion of the World Cup created the idea of ​​writers writing about football and their relationship with it, and therefore (61) Arab and foreign texts were collected from more than (40) countries around the world with the creativity of male and female writers about their connection to football. .

For her part, Mrs. Amal Al-Qahtani, the Executive Director of Katara Publishing House, said that the book was present at Qatar World Cup, as well as Katara with distinguished activities, and Katara Publishing House was at the heart of the event through (22) titles that talked about many details for those interested in the tournament, matches, famous players and the history of sportswear He highlighted the goals immortalized in the memory of the game, and other events. She mentioned that the collection also included books related to Qatari football and its stars throughout history, books on mathematical engineering, and how the world met in the Qatari house.

She pointed out that the publications of Katara Publishing House dealt with stadiums and the stages of preparation for hosting the tournament, in addition to translating (10) titles from those publications.

In turn, sports commentator Ali Mohammad Ali spoke about his passion for football and his dream that was achieved by commenting on matches in Qatar World Cup 2022, and about his experience in commenting on the World Cup matches in Qatar and his experience in the World Cups in South Africa and Brazil. Furthermore, he stressed that the World Cup in Qatar dazzled the world with the level of organization that gave fans the opportunity to attend (3) matches per day with complete ease.

He said that there is a need to document the pre-tournament stage and the great effort to reach this global success, stressing that Qatar has harnessed all its capabilities to make the tournament a success, based on its previous balance in hosting continental and international championships.

The activities of Doha International Book Fair continue until June 21 at Doha Exhibition and Conference Center under the slogan “By Reading We Rise”, with the participation of more than (500) publishers from (37) countries, and 750,000 books, as well as a rich cultural program.