The Qatari Forum for Authors will hold a special session on children’s literature entitled “Theatrical writing for children between science and fun” moderated by writer Lina Al-Aali, director of programs at the forum, with the participation of Dr. Hanan Kassab and professor Roaa Al Qalai, and was broadcasted through the forum’s YouTube channel.

Lena said: The importance of theatre comes from the fact that it is an art that conveys human experience through artistic performances that contribute to the general taste of children. She stressed that the children’s theatre was an outstanding artistic medium as a fun and exciting art.

For her part, Dr. Hanan Al-Qassab, former dean of the Higher Institute of Performing Arts in Damascus, spoke about the reality of child-oriented Theatre in light of the spread of the corona pandemic, and stressed that the pandemic caused a state of anxiety, frustration and fear, but at the same time it had a positive side.

Roaa Al-Qalai, at the Center for theater affairs at the Ministry of Culture, said that despite the difficult period, it was an opportunity to create many texts for the child, who are waiting to come out to light.