A session entitled “My Experience in Writing Technical Books” was held yesterday, with the participation of the writer Ammar Mohamed, a consultant and digital marketing trainer, on the sidelines of the Doha International Book Fair and within the framework of the activities of the Qatari Forum for Authors. The session was moderated by Mr. Jamal Fayez and was attended by a number of authors and people interested in the field of writing.

Mr. Mohamed said: “My experience in writing technical books came through three different publications: The Smart Communication Book: Your Guide to Success on Social Media, The Dotcom, and Professional Blogging Skills. The first book, The Smart Communication Book: Your Guide to Success on Social Media, runs into 363 pages and discusses the idea of professionalism in writing digital content on thirteen social platforms, chiefly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, and is the first Arabic book that combines these sites in one context, in addition to offering a great deal of ways and advice to become a social media professional. This book was first published by the Kuwaiti Dar Al Ibda and exhibited at the Doha International Book Fair in 2014.

The second publication, The Dotcom, is one of the publications of Dar Rosa for Publishing in 2018, and it was launched at the Doha International Book Fair. The book includes 90 different ideas about social media and digital marketing that are of interest to individuals and help them understand and benefit from websites, as ideas that respect the human being’s mind and emotions. The book contains several ideas, including “What’s Behind Twitter’s success?” “How do you leave an impact on your followers?” “Bundling of charitable work on social media,” and “Being a social media expert.” The third book, Professional Blogging Skills, published in 2020 by Al Jazeera Media Institute, is the first Arabic guide to professional blogging. It accounts for the popularity of blogging and discusses the difference between the blogger and the celebrity, types and mechanisms of blogging, and tips for professional writing.

The session also commended the interest in and role of technology books as an important means for parents and children through digital education and understanding the challenges and risks facing society in general. Mr. Mohamed called for continued support of writers interested in the technology field to enrich local and Arab libraries and to orient societies towards an optimal use of technology to serve