The “Doha Girls Center” affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports is organizing an evening on the role of women’s centers in educating women, on February 2, at the Qatar National Theater at five in the evening. The center will host a delegation of members of Al Buraimi College in the Sultanate of Oman, during which the seminar will present some experiences between the two countries of educating women in women’s centers. The evening program will include a discussion session that will be moderated by journalist Hassan Al-Saie, during which a number of speakers will be hosted from the Doha Girls Center, the Aman Center and the Doha International Family Institute. In this context, Maziouna Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Doha Girls Center, stated that the evening organized by the Center is held in cooperation with the Center for Protection and Social Rehabilitation (AMAN) and the Doha International Family Institute. Al-Naimi invited everyone to attend and stressed that the Doha Girls Center is keen to have an active role in society in order to support and rehabilitate women in all areas of life, and indicated that the center offers many different courses for its members in order to enhance the role of women in society and help them succeed, and train them in relation to the importance and necessity of self-reliance, through a program of activities, workshops and training courses offered by specialized trainers in various fields.