The Qatari Authors’ Forum continues remotely its activities during the Eid days in response to the preventive measures taken against the Coronavirus Covid-19, and in implementation of the plans of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to enhance the cultural mobility. This is taking place in a manner commensurate with the current conditions to encourage those interested in culture to adhere to home quarantine by providing rich, diverse and useful cultural material. Thus, the community takes advantage of that period and invest it in developing knowledge and expand culture through valuable interventions and lectures provided by the guests in various cultural fields.
On Sunday, May 24, 2020, the forum will host a group of authors from inside and outside the State of Qatar in the Book Council, which broadcasts live through the Microsoft Times program. Writer Saeed Al-Saqlawi from the Omani Book Society and Writer Dr. Hanan Al-Nasser from the State of Kuwait. The Forum will host the student, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, winner of the storyboard contest by Yara Al-Sheikh, which was organized by the Council in the middle of last March. It will also host members presenting programs in the holy month of Ramadan such as Dr. Abdel-Haq Belabed, Professor of Critical Curriculum and Comparative Critical Studies at Qatar University who had supervised the “Read Me, I am that Book” initiative, as a  part of the project to strengthen criticism every Monday of Ramadan. In a second live episode of the Book Council, Dr. Aisha Al Darmaki from the Sultanate of Oman and the writer Saadia Al-Farah from the State of Kuwait will be hosted. The “Read Me, I am that Book” Initiative continues as a new episode will be broadcasts on Monday May 25 with Dr. Ahmed Al-Jawa, an academic and researcher interested in modern Arabic literature from the University of Sfax-Tunisia, entitled “Imagery and formulation of life in Qatari stories and their development” via the private YouTube channel. At the forum, on Tuesday 26 May, a weekly writer and book episode will be held with the writer, Ms. Modi Al-Hajri. Members of the forum will travel through her book “Yemen is a Love That Captivates You” and Professor Saleh Gharib will discuss the book in a live broadcast via the Microsoft Times program. On Wednesday, May 27, the Book Council will be held a second time in the presence of a new group of writers in a live broadcast via Microsoft Times. Among the attendees will be Dr. Saadia Al-Mufreh, in addition to Sarah Khaled Al-Yaqoub, winner of the Storywriter Youth Competition launched by the forum in conjunction with the storyboard competition. on 28 May, the Forum broadcasts through its account on Instagram a dialogue with the writer Abdulaziz Dalloul, with the author Saleh Gharib Al-Obaidly, and a video will be broadcast on the same day by writer Mohamed Mery in the Makers of Happiness Initiative.
Joyful activities in the spirit of Eidul-Fitr  will continue with the hosting of the writer Mr. Oresto de Rio, Ambassador of Panama in Qatar with his wife via YouTube. He will talk about his cultural initiatives in recent times and retrieves his memories in the State of Qatar, especially about his wedding that he celebrated in Qatar. On May 30, dramas that were broadcast during Ramadan will be critically reviewed by Dr. Marzouq Bashir and writer and journalist Jihad Ayoub in two consecutive episodes, on the YouTube channel.
Dr. Khaled Abdel-Jabbar, a consultant psychiatrist and behavioural cognitive therapist, continues the scientific seminars that he has started since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, “The Psychological Agenda.” He will present a new episode on Sunday, May 31 in a broadcast via the Microsoft Teams Program.