The Qatari Media Center affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Ant FM Radio signed a cooperation agreement that includes the implementation of several joint programs within the framework of activating cooperation between public institutions and bodies on the one hand and private sectors on the other hand, in a way that contributes to the community service.

The agreement was signed by Ms. Iman Al-Kaabi, Director of the Center, and Ms. Sharifa Al-Sada, Executive Director of the Radio.

The agreement stipulates supporting and enhancing work to establish joint cooperation in various fields related to the media and training field, including providing new Qatari Media figures for use on Ant FM Radio, and providing a space to broadcast a group of podcast episodes (Expo Doha) produced simultaneously by the Qatari Media Center. With the activities of Expo 2023 Doha Horticulture Exhibition.

Ms. Iman Al-Kaabi, Director of the Qatari Media Center, said that this agreement comes within the framework of the center’s endeavor to open new windows of cooperation and communication with various sectors in the country, whether governmental or private, noting that the agreement contributes to supporting and enhancing the center’s programs on the one hand and also providing distinguished material to the radio and through it to the public as part of the Center’s role in actively contributing to the various events held in the country.

Al-Kaabi noted that the agreement contributes to presenting a group of new Qatari Media figures that the Center sought to establish in a professional manner to be an addition to the Qatari Media scene, and she expressed confidence that the young people whom the Center trained will be a distinguished addition not only to radio, but to the Qatari Media scene in general.

Ms. Sharifa Al-Sada, Executive Director of Ant FM Radio, confirmed that the radio is always working to present a The Qatari Media model capable of interacting and contributing to shaping the image of the Qatari Media scene in general.

She explained that, based on this agreement, the radio will be a suitable space for the creativity of the Qatari Media Center and its youth. It also seeks to provide everything possible to the center to contribute with it in building a pioneering media experience in preparing national media cadres capable of contributing to the diversity and richness of the Qatari Media scene.