The Qatari Forum for Authors held a new session of the Young Writer’s Initiative to promote reading for children in the Tunisian Kindergarten in Doha – Izghawa branch. The session was presented by Ms. Hajar Mousa, who read the story “Be Kind” that tells about the student Abdullah who goes to a new school, but, he is bullied, which makes him want to move. However, his colleague Mohammad helps him to adapt with his colleagues after he conveyed to them the need to accept the difference. This story passes between its lines the problem of bullying that school students are exposed to, which makes them vulnerable to the ridicule of other children, and spreads the value of acceptance and consideration for the feelings of others. Ms. Musa said that the initiative helps children acquire a set of social skills, develops their imagination and helps them discover their emerging creativity. In this regard, she thanked the Qatari Forum for Authors for encouraging all segments of society.