The sixty-first issue of Al-Jasra Cultural Magazine, which is issued quarterly by Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club in Doha, has recently been published. In its new issue, the magazine included a set of various topics and files that focused in their comprehensive content on “culture” and its broad concept in different aspects of life. The magazine included a special file on the concept of “bridge” in which it discussed the dimensions and cultural connotations associated with it. The historian and architect Nasser Al-Rabat presented linguistic research into the root, origin and history of this word, while the Moroccan academic Dr. Abdel Salam Benabdel Al-Aali had a philosophical discussion on “The thing towards its opposite.” In addition, the editorial of the issue, written by Ibrahim Al-Jaidah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, announced the release of the first book on the Al-Jasra Club series, “The Book of Emotions” by Italian philosopher Umberto Galimberti, which was translated by Dr. Naglaa Wali, Professor of Arabic Language at the University of Toronto. Al-Jaida emphasized that the magazine’s various topics seek “to prove that culture is a broad concept that includes everything in life, and that everything we see simple around us has its depths and aesthetics, and the benefit and cultural pleasure of reading about it can be achieved.” The sixty-first issue of Al-Jasra Cultural Magazine also takes the reader everywhere, perhaps the most important of which are the three Qatari sites that were recently included by the Heritage Committee of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).