The new spring of 2020 issue of Al-Jasra Magazine was recently published by Al-Jasra Cultural Club. The issue is entitled “Corona Rules the World”. Ibrahim Al-Jaieda, in his editorial, indicated that this issue reflects the lived reality through cultural articles that keep pace with matters of the time in the intellectual, civilizational, artistic and monetary aspects. He further pointed out that the magazine devotes a major section, entitled (People behind doors…Corona rules the World) to the manifestations and impact of the pandemic on the different human experiences. The section includes a translation of an interview with the American intellectual Noam Chomsky, in which he addresses the “covid-19” and his new book “Internationalism or Extinction.” He deals with the pandemic in the context of the failure of new liberal capitalism and possible nuclear disasters. The section also includes other subjects such as “Corona … a closer look» by Hussein Thabet, “Implications of epidemics and pandemics on culture, art, and creativity” by Salah Boussrif, “A Different Life with Coronavirus” by Ammar Ali Hassan, “Knowledge: A Post Humanity Era Killer” by Muhammad Hussein Abu Al-Hassan, and “Corona in Media of Influence and affection” by Abdel Nasir Wasfi. In an interview entitled “Magic of Heritage and Aesthetics of Place and Mankind”, Al-Jasra honoured the experience of the pioneer and Qatari visual artist, Wafiqa Sultan. The magazine reviewed aspects of Sultan’s artistic and creative experience between her scientific specialization in decoration engineering and aesthetic and social dimensions of art. The issue also includes subjects about “The other in the Arabic novel,”  a novel about the oldest Arab emirate in Europe in the third century AH, the dismantling of intimacy in the novel “Scents of the City,” body creation in the narrative text, and the language of the untold in the text.