From September 10 to 12, the Qatar Photography Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, is organizing a course entitled “Product Photography,” presented by photographer Arif Al-Amari. To register for this course, the Center required that the participant have full knowledge of the basics of photography, in addition to bringing a professional camera.

The anticipated course comes within the framework of a series of courses held by the Qatar Photography Center, from time to time, in order to enrich the photography scene at the local level, and is in harmony with the center’s objectives aimed at nurturing, nurturing, and developing the talents of photographers in the field of photography, in addition to paying attention to the arts of photography in the field. Qatar and work to advance it, by developing plans and programs that achieve the practice and development of the hobby of photography and working to implement them, and providing all the material and human capabilities necessary to achieve the goals, as well as encouraging and training young people of both sexes to practice photography, holding competitions and specialized artistic courses, and granting prizes and incentives. Financial or in-kind for the gifted, as well as organizing seminars, performances, and purposeful activities in the field of photography.