The Qatar Poetry Centre “Diwan al-Arab”, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, continued its awareness campaigns across digital platforms, against the dangers of the Coronavirus, to prevent it, and then limit its spread.
The campaign came within the framework presented by the Centre through its digital platforms, which varied between poetry and chanting, in which the participants called on everyone to need to keep to their homes, in preparation for a return to normal life, stressing that staying at home is necessary in compliance with the directives of the state in that regard.
The poet Hamad bin Saleh presented religious poetry on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan. Poets Fahd bin Hamad bin Aslum, Ali Al-Kuwari and Badr Al-Otaibi also presented educational poetry. The Centre’s Twitter page also contained a song by poet Miteb Al-Saqq, in cooperation with the Music Affairs Centre.
Among the video clips that were presented by the Centre’s platforms is an awareness video with a poetic comment by the poet Abdullah Nasser Al-Nuaimi, poet Mubarak bin Hamad Al-Qamra and the poet Rashid Al-Gharneej. They stressed the importance of everyone’s cooperation with the concerned authorities to protect society and achieve its safety. They emphasized in their poetry on the ability of all to achieve the goals of cooperation for the safety of individuals and society. The poet Hamad bin Fateis Al-Marri also presented his poetry which contained several advices.
It is worth noting that the Qatar Poetry Centre has prepared an awareness campaign since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. In this campaign it presented a number of messages and video clips through its digital platforms, as part of its efforts to raise awareness against dangers of the Coronavirus and limit its spread. Furthermore, the campaign touched on the most important methods of prevention, emphasizing that “Prevention is better than cure.” It further stressed that everyone should be on the level of social responsibility, to protect themselves, their families and society. The campaign also highlighted the need to adhere to various preventive measures to limit the spread of the epidemic. The Centre has also published brochures on its e-pages showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, how the infection is transmitted, and how to achieve prevention based on the fact that “Prevention is better than cure.”