Al Wejdan Cultural Center held a lecture entitled “Unlocking Human Potentials” presented by Mr. Mohammad Al-Haider, expert in change and human prosperity. This lecture is within the series of activities of Al Wejdan Cultural Center to support and enhance the society’s perception of the human being as an important perspective in the great values system of perception of the society of total values that support and enhance National and Cultural identity.

The debate revolved around the topics of unlocking latent human potentials that express his capabilities that can be a source of human development and its reflection on the social structure that enhances the human ability to create suitable environment for these potentials and to be useful and beneficial asset for the society as a whole.

Also, the debate dealt with ways within which a person can develop his capabilities in the face of life challenges, reach to human prosperity and the pinnacle of psychological, emotional, spiritual and social health and to find a way to reach his human perfection in these four aspects and to be satisfied with himself as a reinforcer to his personal strength until he reaches the psychological stability and overcome challenges in answering the great existential questions.