Mr. Jassim Al-Bouenin, Director of the Doha International Book Fair, said that the United States of America would be the guest of honor at the 31st edition of the exhibition, which kicks off next January 13 based on the 2021 Qatar-American Cultural Year.

He added: America will have a distinguished presence by displaying several events and activities, which will enrich the exhibition from a cultural point of view.

Al- Bouenin added in an interview with the “our lives” TV Show on Qatar TV, that the door for subscription is open to publishing houses from the day before yesterday until the beginning of next November, stressing that after that publishing house are chosen and coordination after the subscription stage.

The thirty-first session of the Doha International Book Fair was announced by the Qatar Centre for Cultural and Heritage Events of the Ministry of Culture and Sports from 13 to 22 January, under its supervision and organization.

The United States of America will be a guest of honor for the upcoming Cultural Year 2021 event between Qatar and the United States of America, under the tradition of the exhibition since 2010 of selecting a country guest of honor, beginning with the United States of America, followed by Turkey, Iran, Japan, Brazil, Germany and France at the last session.