The Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center “Aman”, one of the centers of Qatar Foundation for Social Work, is participating in Ramadan Book Fair organized by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, through “My Book is My Friend” initiative, by providing a number of devices that sell books and stories for children. This initiative aims to achieve the center’s strategic goals, by providing awareness and education to the target groups of children, and to activate the principle of community partnership between various external parties.

Mrs. Hanan Al-Ali, the Director of the Office of Communication and Information at Aman Center, emphasized the center’s keenness to participate in local exhibitions related to culture and books by activating the principle of community partnership by presenting the contributions of Aman Center in the field of educating and raising awareness of children through “My Book is My Friend” initiative. It is an initiative to sell Books and stories for children. Besides, the mechanism of these devices works with the same idea as the widespread devices for selling drinks and sweets, which have been designed according to special specifications for the child, including: taking into account length, ease of use, and instructions with selected types of books and stories that are useful and suitable for the child.