The Qatari Forum for Authors recently held a discussion session that focused on the opportunities to achieve sustainable development in Qatar. The session was part of the “Conversation with …” program, and it hosted Dr. Nidham Abdul Karim Al-Shafiey, Professor of Economic Geography and the Secretary General of the Gulf Association for Scientific Research. The session was made available on the Forum’s YouTube channel yesterday.


Dr. Al-Shafiey offered the view that the future of sustainable development in Qatar is quite promising and that Qatari plans in this regard are being successfully implemented. He noted that regular observations affirm Qatar’s progress and success toward achieving sustainable development.


The Secretary General of the Gulf Association for Scientific Research expects more success in achieving Qatar’s sustainable development goals.



Dr. Al-Shafiey explained during the session, which was hosted by Dr. Ali Afifi Ghazi, that the Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to achieve comprehensive human, environmental, economic, and developmental sustainability, and that Qatar has already made significant strides in these areas.


During the discussion session, Dr. Al-Shafiey shed light on some concepts that are critical to understanding Qatar’s ability to achieve sustainable development, such as growth, development, sustainability, and sustainable development. He elaborated on how geography deals with different aspects of development, such as the human and natural factors that impact progress or development. He also noted that the geographic dimension has to be taken into consideration by any state that plans for its economic and political future.