The Al-Jasra Cultural Hall hosted both poets Mersel Al-Dawas and Khalifa bin Saif Al-Suwaidi in a poetry evening entitled “Poetry, Impact and Influence. Andalusian poetry as a model”.
Poet Mersel Al-Dawas began his speech by making a statement about the value of poetry in general, and what has a historical dimension is the Arab Library and documenting their events. He also explained that life without poetry is worthless, and that poets adorn councils, and he read a poem of his creativity entitled “Poetry, Language of the Soul and the Breaths,” in which he said:

Poetry is the pulse of our emotions… poetry is the spring were we visit for inspirations
Poetry is a road were we follow our elders… poetry is a flooded river full of lessons

He stopped talking about poetry and its impact on life, and stopped at one of the gaps in the Islamic nation where poetry has a lot to do with it, which is the gap of Andalusia. He pointed to the phases of Andalusian poetry, in which the first phase was characterized by preserving traditional poetry in both form and content, while the second phase was innovative. He also pointed to the appearance of “muwashahat”, “zajal”, and singing poetry, which led to a shift in Andalusian poetry.
The two poets took turns reciting famous poems from the eyes of Andalusian poetry. The poet Khalifa Al-Suwaidi recited a poem by Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi.
Poet Khalifa Al-Suwaidi portrayed a model of the lament of nations through his poem, “The Jordanian Father of Survival.”
The evening culminated in the honoring of the guests by Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Obaidan, Secretary General of the Al-Jassra Cultural Club.