The Ministry of Culture organized a course for its employees entitled “Safety Measures in Vital Facilities” in cooperation with the General Administration of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior. The course was presented by Major Jaber Hamad Al-Marri, the Head of the Evacuation Department at the General Administration of Civil Defense. It was emphasized during the course that safety procedures during the construction process, which is the responsibility of the owner, and during the use of the facility, is the responsibility of the owner and the tenant, and during emergency situations, which is the task of the safety officer.

The participants in the training course were introduced to safety procedures during construction, which require the adoption of building plans showing the locations of alarm systems, emergency exits, etc., in addition to the installation of alarm and extinguishing systems, as well as issuing the necessary permits to complete the construction properly and follow up on their validity.

As for the safety measures during the use of the facility, they are represented in not violating any of the pre-approved building conditions except after referring to the concerned authority, and making a contract with an accredited company to be responsible for the periodic maintenance of safety devices and equipment in the building, and ensuring the validity of all building permits, and establishing a safety team and the daily evaluation of the escape routes and making sure that they are free of obstacles. Safety procedures were also determined during the emergency situation, which is to stop working and exit the building immediately and calmly, then call the emergency number 999.