Qatar Photography Center of the Ministry of Culture is participating in Ramadan Book Fair with a photo competition and a photography exhibition. Regarding the center’s participation, Mohamed Abdel Sattar, Programs and Activities Officer, says that: The “30 Minute Challenge” competition is about providing a studio for each photographer for 30 minutes, provided with equipment, staff, models and backgrounds that show a traditional Ramadan atmosphere, for photography. At the end of the exhibition, the best photos are selected, and the first three winners will receive financial prizes of 10,000 riyals for the first place, 6,000 riyals for the second place, and 3,000 riyals for the winner of the third place. Pointing out that the center held this competition to give its members the opportunity to highlight their talents and creativity, in light of the heritage and cultural atmosphere that the Ramadan Book Fair provides to its audience and visitors. He added: As for the exhibition, it includes 24 works by 22 photographers, and monitors the atmosphere of Ramadan, such as reading the Holy Qur’an and supplications, Tahajud (Midnight Prayers) prayer in mosques, pictures of mosques and the Ramadan cannon, as the exhibition depicts the Ramadan atmosphere in Qatar and a number of countries in the Islamic world, and the accompanying popular foods. associated with this holy month.