An ambitious initiative for community development, within the activities of Ramadan Book Fair in its second edition, which is currently being held in Darb Al-Saai in Umm Salal, has inaugurated the book entitled “The State of Qatar Heritage and Environment: Al-Ghaf and Al-Dana”, the winner of the second season of the “Book in 72 Hours” program, which was held in cooperation with Qatar National Library and with the support of a number of sponsors and partners.

Fatima Al-Taweel, the director in charge of the program entitled “A book in 72 Hours” explained in a statement to Qatar News Agency that the book was completed by seven volunteers who participated in the initiative, to be completed in only 72 hours, and pointed out that its authors are: Kholoud Al-Fahidi, Heba Hadi, Omnia. Fadlallah, Hamad Al-Nisf, Abdul-Rahman Al-Marri, Aziz Saeedi and Mohammad Al-Muraisi.

She indicated that the book presents aspects of the Qatari heritage, whether from the desert environment or from the marine environment, so, it combines the Ghaf and Al-Dana in the title, expressing her pride in providing the Qatari culture with a book written by amateurs who enter the field of writing and writing for the first time, and also to increase awareness by using the sound Arabic language in writing distinguished books that are put on the market, and in one of its aspects and terms of reference in the societal fields.

For his part, Hamad Al-Nisf, a member of the first-place winning team, said that: “Al-Ghaf and Al-Dana are a mixture between the Bedouin and urban environments, between the land and the sea that blend in the image of the cover. It also gives the opportunity to the citizen and resident to travel in the memories of the past, to take pride in the heritage, as well as to open up visions for the future”.