The Qatari Hostels of youth announced the launch of registration in the new program “Google Local Guide” yesterday> the program targets the age group of 16 years and above with the aim of highlighting the importance of digital content, and revealed the awards that will be awaiting the winners of this program, Where a prize of three thousand riyals was allocated for the most beautiful picture taken of restaurants, and a prize of eight thousand riyals for the most person who established new sites, and eight thousand riyals for the most person who took pictures, and the owners of the highest three points in the program will receive three valuable prizes, the first of which is fifteen thousand riyals, the second twelve thousand riyals, and the thirteenth thousand riyals, with a total prize money of 56 thousand Qatari riyals, bearing in mind that the program is held under the sponsorship of some private companies.


The program helps to enable people to add content on platform maps. It contains 5 specific levels and mechanisms of action: Comment on the experience of eating in a restaurant, visiting a tourist place, dealing with a service provider, taking photos to add to the facility file on the Google map, adjusting information and adding data to the Google map, such as working hours, or the correct address, and adding coordinates of places on the map.