The 360 Weyak (360 With You) program team is preparing to present a series of its episodes during the blessed days of Eidul-Fitr on the platforms of Doha 360. This aims to introducing joy and happiness into the hearts of members of society throughout these blessed days. The program will broadcast its first episodes on the first days of the holiday and for three consecutive days starting from eight until ten in the evening.
It includes entertainment and numerous competitions that will include online interviews with influential personalities from within Qatar and around the world, which reflects the program’s interest in community engagement in light of the commitment to social distancing.
The program will also continue with the citizens of Qatar who have gone through the Corona crisis during their treatment or studies abroad. A number of competitions and questions that include valuable prizes and greetings especially for Eid for children will also be presented in a new framework having its own character commensurate with the extraordinary days of the holiday that come this year in home quarantine. The expected episodes are subject to the controls of producing social media programs in terms of form, content and goals, so that the program forms one method of communication between the public and the Ministry of Culture and Sports by receiving interesting content during the feast. The program is presented by Khaled Al-Jumaili, and the preparation team are members of the Culture Department, which is affiliated to the Department of Culture and Arts, managed by Mrs. Jawaher Al-Badr.
In her turn, Jawaher Al Badr, Head of the program preparation team and of the culture department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, explained that the program comes on exceptional Eid nights different from those of previous years. This is due to the fact that what we live now in the Corona crisis, which imposes a special nature of the program, which is an updated version compatible with Eidul-Fitr days. She further noted that new episodes that will be presented on a daily basis is characterized by the keenness to include a number of external posts within its programs. The Qatari community will be reassured about its children abroad by communicating with them and contributing to tightening their support until the time comes to return to the homeland and work to bring joy to their hearts. This is in addition to interviews with influential personalities from within Qatar and abroad. All meetings will be via the Internet. The program will also run competitions over the phone throughout the episode, as well as four questions per day via Instagram which will be answered through comments on the program platform on Instagram. In addition there will be four posts for children per day that will be greetings, while offering valuable prizes to the winners in each episode.
She noted that the program is taking place in a meaningful entertainment form that has a light nature. It and is characterized by being broadcast on the air, and brings together all segments of society. The director of the program preparation team commended the great efforts made by the Doha 360 platform. She further stressed that the work seeks to cover one of the important aspects that work to spread awareness and general culture, in addition to ensuring the public’s enjoyment through recreational items that contribute to alleviating the effects of the home quarantine, especially during Eid days and enhancing community communication in the current circumstances.