The Qatar Voluntary Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, has ensured the continuation of the “Garangao Market” activities held in Darb Al Saai until the coming Sunday, with a large group of volunteers from both genders. These volunteers were selected according to specific criteria based on the event’s goal and its message related to Qatari culture and identity. In this context, several volunteers emphasized that the event presents an ideal opportunity to contribute to the revival of heritage and share in the children’s joy.
Mr. Muayyad Al-Qahtani, the director of the Qatar Voluntary Center, affirmed the center’s commitment to supporting the “Garangao Market” activities with a large group of volunteers consisting of 35 individuals of both genders. He noted that specific criteria were used to select volunteers based on the event’s objectives and its message related to culture and identity. Al-Qahtani mentioned that the selection process was preceded by training sessions for volunteers to ensure they were well-suited to the Qatari environment. This was aimed at contributing to the best organization of the event and ensuring smooth operations in different areas, including facilitating entry and exit procedures, registering visitors and children’s data to prevent them from getting lost in the crowd. Additionally, internal guidance was provided, and preparations included holding first aid courses.
In turn, volunteer Shahad Yousef stated that the concept of volunteering aligns with the objectives of the “Garangao Market” in terms of promoting identity. She emphasized that volunteering should be deeply rooted in society, both culturally and practically, to enhance belonging and build the character of youth. She stressed that volunteer work is one of her favorite humanitarian activities. On his part, volunteer Abdulaziz Hamad Al Marri confirmed that he has been participating in the center’s activities for over a year, starting with last year’s Ramadan book fair. He emphasized that volunteering has added a lot to his life and contributed to the development of his personality and skills. It also helped him overcome shyness and gain self-confidence. He said, “I feel the value of doing good and helping others without expecting anything in return.”
Mohammed Mar’i Al-Hajri explained that he has participated in numerous training workshops to prepare himself for his volunteering duties during the activities at Darb Al Saai. He added, “Engaging in serving visitors enhances initiative and self-development. My experience at the “Garangao Market” means a lot to me and adds new skills to my personality, such as time management, teamwork, and sharing in the children’s joy of Garangao.”