The main theater in Darb Al Saai witnessed the holding of a new symposium entitled “Experiences of Foreigners Who Lived in Qatar”, and it came as part of the activities of the National Day 2022.

Mr. Matthias Krug, the German writer and journalist, participated in the symposium, and it was presented by the journalist and writer, Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouqi.

In turn, Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouqi, started the symposium by introducing the guest, and stressing that Mr. Matias Krug grew up in Qatar, and that the embrace and support he experienced in Qatar reflects the extent of Qatar’s openness to all nationalities and cultures that live on its land.

For his part, Mr. Matthias Krug confirmed that his upbringing in the State of Qatar made him build many friendships with Qataris, due to the good treatment and hospitality he found in them, like all the people of Qatar.

He said that: I grew up in the State of Qatar, and I built many relationships and friendships in it very easily, due to the good qualities enjoyed by all the people of Qatar. Pointing out that his father speaks Arabic very well, and that his father has many Qatari friends.

Krug added by saying that: My father used to take us when we were children to meet his Qatari friends.  “Therefore, from our childhood in the State of Qatar, we lived very good experiences.” He expressed his great pleasure at what he is witnessing in Qatar today of renaissance and development in all fields, which is reflected in the wonderful organization of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as it succeeded in that with great success.

Mr. Matthias Krug affirmed that thanks to what he felt in Qatar for the good residence, he feels that the State of Qatar is his home and state. Pointing out that he has nearly three generations of his family residing in Qatar, and enjoying peace and security throughout it.