Visitors to Darb Al Saai flock to buy heritage items that have historical significance related to the Qatari house, in the auction that is held in the main courtyard of Darb Al-Saai near Gate 2.


Upon hearing the voice of the herald in the old traditional way, buyers come, as it was in the ancient al-Furjan and Haraj, where the seller announces his commodity, and everyone who wants to buy offers the appropriate price for him, so whoever increases his price comes to sell for the highest price for these holdings in the end.


Mr. Hisham Naanous, the supervisor of the auction in Darb Al Saai, said that the idea of ​​the auction in Darb AlSaai reminds of the Qatari heritage, where ancient heritage holdings related to the Qatari house are displayed, with the auction being presented in the old auction method, which was present in the Haraj and in the old neighborhoods in Qatar with the aim of conveying this ancient atmosphere to Darb Al Saai, as it fits with the heritage events in the trail that express the culture of Qatar and its heritage from the heritage of the desert, including Al-Izbah, Al-Maqtar, riding good, camels, falcons, and so on. We wanted to have an imprint that is adjacent to this atmosphere, and praise be to God, it won a mass turnout and approval from the public.


He pointed out that the most important exhibits offered in the auction are the old Qatari pails made of pure copper, and other brass items, including figures of falcons and horses, some distinctive wooden pieces, some old ceramics, and old machines such as cameras, telephones, radios, televisions, and others.


The auction supervisor pointed out that the prices are affordable for everyone and there is a demand from the public because everyone in Qatar is keen on heritage and we always find in the Qatari councils such old tools that Qataris cherish as part of the heritage.


Mr. Hisham Al- Naanous continued that the auction does not only stand in front of the presentation of heritage holdings, but also has an educational aspect, as visitors, especially young people, know how life was in the past and the most important ancient tools and the way they were used, providing simple information, for example, about Arabic coffee and the tools used in it, stressing in the end that the auction is in Darb Al Saai an event that connects Darb Al Saai audience with Qatari heritage.