Raja Dardour, the coordinator of Qatar Reading in Darb Al Saai, confirmed that their participation aims to encourage children in Qatar to read through interactive activities that motivate children to read and write and develop in them, a keenness on knowledge, reading and developing abilities, including the children’s stories exhibition that includes books about the State of Qatar and the national day and world cup. Dardour explained that their space in Darb Al Saai receives great interaction from children, as parents are keen to involve children in the programs for Qatar Reads, so that they can enjoy the initiative aimed at making a qualitative transition that raises awareness of the importance of reading, and enhances the demand for it among all members of society in the State of Qatar, especially the category of children and youth. Arts also have an important role in this pavilion, where children participate in drawing on the walls in addition to the space in which they draw their own stories on large canvases, and she said: We have several programs targeting the community, including the family reading program. We also have many books related to the subject of Darb Al Saai, which promote the value of loyalty and belonging to the homeland.

In turn, the visitors, parents and students, affirmed their enjoyment of the various activities presented in the “Qatar Reads” pavilion in Darb Al Saai, pointing out that this pavilion is one of the richest pavilions established in Darb Al Saai with its various activities, stressing that these activities work to consolidate the cultural identity of children in order to increase patriotism in their hearts, in addition to playing an important role in introducing all the initiative in general and its great contribution to the elevation of the country and the process of cultural development and its role in attracting society to books, and accustoming children to the habit of reading.