The “With you in Ramadan” initiative launched by Al-Dana Centre for Girls has announced the launch of three different competitions in content in order to refine the talents of girls during the period of home quarantine. These competitions aim to run programs and activities for the home quarantine period while increasing the number of followers and activating social networking sites, as well as building a database for non-affiliated girls and opening a YouTube channel to save participating videos from the target group under the name of “home quarantine activities”. By the end of each competition, winners will be honoured with prizes according to the evaluation committee’s opinion and the number of likes for each post on digital platforms. The first competitions that were presented “Put Your Mind to Work” which is in a form of questions and answers in all social networking programs. The competition included social, religious and cultural questions, and puzzles. Questions were asked in the Forum and Instagram program. Furthermore, the second competition came under the title “Make with your hands” which is a competition for making home furniture from simple materials in an innovative and aesthetic manner. As for the third competition, it came under the title “Eid Desserts”. It will be launched on May 17th, and is about making homemade desserts. The competition targets all affiliated and non-affiliated girls. The deadline for participation will be on May 21, and participations will be evaluated according to the evaluation committee’s opinion, and then the public will vote for the first five.