Dar Al Sharq Group is participating in the Qatar University Book Fair 2023, which is the first university book fair in Qatar. It is organized by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, in cooperation with Qatar University Press, at the headquarters of the new Student Affairs Building at Qatar University, and it will continue until 5th of March.

Mr. Wael Al-Saghir, the Director of Distribution Operations at Dar Al-Sharq, expressed how happy Dar Al-Sharq is to participate in this exhibition, which includes a large group of local publishing houses. He called on the public from all walks of life to visit the exhibition, as it targets everyone, and is not limited to Qatar University students.

Mr. Wael Al-Saghir said that: Our participation in the exhibition comes with more than 250 titles that vary between novels and story collections, and various other titles that deal with several fields, which will be included in a distinguished pavilion for Dar Al Sharq, which will also witness the holding of signing ceremonies for some of the new publications, pointing out that Dar Al Sharq pavilion at the exhibition will include these new publications issued by Dar Al Sharq, which come in support of authors and creators, and enrich the Qatari and Arabic libraries.

He added by saying that among the new books that Dar Al Sharq is participating in the exhibition is the book “Gulf Studies… A Review of History, State and Society”, by its authors Dr. Muhammad Salih Al-Misfir and Professor Facilitator Marawan Hassan Suleiman, and the book “Foundation and Sensation”, Part Two, by the author Anwar Al-Ghaithani, and the book “Who Am I” in Arabic and English, by writer Najat Ali, next to the book “Qatar Al-Raja” by Jamal Ahmed Al-Hariri, as well as the book “Aboud in the World of Legends”, written and illustrated by Manar Abdel Ghaffar Mahmoud.

Mr. Wael Al-Saghir pointed out that among the titles that will be presented by Dar Al-Sharq Pavilion at the exhibition are the three books that won the “Best Unpublished Book” competition, including the novel “The Fire of Rebellion” by Aisha Al-Khulaifi, in addition to a booklet on improving calligraphy by calligrapher Youssef Hassan Shalar, as well as educational books for children, and a new collection of stories about the beautiful names of God, in addition to a variety of other purposeful titles published and distributed by Dar Al Sharq.

The exhibition aims at promoting a culture of reading and reading, to build a generation of students who are readers and educated, capable of making a change in their reality, and building the future of their nation and society.

The exhibition reflects the support of the Qatari publishing sector, and provides an opportunity for students and visitors with different disciplines and interests to reach the authors, which helps in providing the appropriate environment for exchanging visions and presenting ideas in a manner commensurate with the nature of the Qatari society, through the different titles offered by Qatari publishing houses, which will be included in the exhibition, which will be reflected positively on the audience of readers from various segments, as well as the students, who are targeted by the exhibition.