In preparation for Qatar’s participation in Asia Junior Chess Championship to be held online on May 2 to June 3, Qatar Chess Association (QCA)organized qualifying tournament for Youth U-20 Online Rapid Chess Championship. The tournament lasted 3 days. 22 best players, who were qualified by Q.C.A- Boys& Girls Chess Training Center, participated in this tournament.
The tournament was held in A round-robin stylewith 9 rounds rapid play approved by the International Chess Federation, with 25 minutes per round and extra 3 seconds for each move.  Referee, Salman Ahmed Salman, Technical Expert- Q.C.A, captain Hisham Al Hamdoushi and captain Adina who are certified trainers in Q.C.A refereed the tournament.
The tournament resulted in the victory of player Rayan Irfan Muhammad with a score of 9 points in 9 rounds. Abdullah Al-Hamidi was the runner- up with 2 and half points. Player, Rawda Al-Qafibi finished in the third place with 5 points. Player Saleh Al-Hur is participating as a former qualifier for the tournament. Chairman of the Q.C.A, Mohammed Al-Mudahka, said that the championship is held by online system to support Qatari players’ efforts, benefit and help them develop their talents, especially at the current time, in response to the government’s directives and in line with the precautionary measures.