Engineer Saleh Al-Abdullah, the summer activity supervisor, confirmed that the Qatari Scientific Club welcomes any cooperation with any party in favor of youth whether in the field of providing the expertise of the scientific club to them or benefiting from the experiences of these bodies or providing of these bodies to workshops to the members of the scientific club pointing out that this cooperation falls within the framework of the directives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in spreading the culture of cooperation and exchange of experiences for the benefit of the various segments of the society especially youth. It is expected that the number of beneficiaries from this cooperation will exceed 100 beneficiaries whether they are members of the Qatari Scientific Club or other cooperating parties.


Aspects of cooperation

Regarding aspects of cooperation between the Club, institutions and sectors in the State including youth centers, he said in statements to Al-Sharq that there is always cooperation between the scientific club and various institutions and sectors in the State due to the specialization of the scientific club and specializations of these sectors out of its belief in the importance of cooperation with various bodies that agree with its vision and instructions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in order to exchange technical support and benefit from the expertise of the Qatari scientific club that extends for several decades in the field of training and empowering youth and also to benefit from expertise of these bodies according to their specializations.